dan culhane


My creative side playing guitar.

A little about me...

I have been involved with computer graphics in some degree or another since 1998. After graduating from the School of Communication Arts [formerly in Mpls.] with an associates degree, I took a few production art jobs. Feeling the need to learn more, I went back to school for Advertising Design - specificily Art Direction at Brainco in Minneapolis. Graduation was tough but I gained the understanding of what it takes to survive in a creative environment, having thick skin, and that not all ideas are good ideas.

As I mentioned, I constantly like to learn, and after my last layoff, decided to get [back] into web design. I took some continuing education classses at Globe College and that got me interested in learning CSS. Now, with that knowledge in hand, I would really like to study and design for mobile devices.

Which leads us to here and now. The work on this site is a sampling of both spec work and freelance projects. I will be constantly updating this site whenever I learn something new or how to improve something. I am currently available for a variety of projects. Please feel free to contact me the next time you need a Photoshop expert or a new design for a website.